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Wireless module and technology on digital bathroom scales

How wireless module and technology ( bluetooth, wifi, infrared) applied help us on bathroom scales, body fat scale, BMI scales?
1.Easy setup.
The Wireless Scale is up and running. Just a few taps on your mobile or tablet is all it takes.
2.Automatic upload.
It can lighten your load in every way. No need to keep track of every little weigh-in - the scale will do it for you. Each new reading is automatically uploaded to your personal weight chart on your smartphone.
3.Weight, health and optimum well-being.
The Wireless Scale isn't just about highly accurate weight measurement. It also works out your Body Mass Index and helps you understand what your BMI number means to you.
The Wireless Scale has a historical weight chart that helps you understand how your body weight relates to your lifestyle choices.
You can set a daily calorie goal and achieve it by recording what you eat and how you exercise. 
4.Set your goals
Setting achievable goals keeps you motivated to reach your ideal weight. It secretly and cleverly calibrated so that your weight measurement is accurate and instant. Rewarding your efforts every step of the way.
5.Individual recognition.
Health for everyone in the home.
The Wireless Scale is made for the whole family. Everyone can have their own user profile and easily access their data online or on their mobile.
6.Share it or keep it private.
Everyone is different. Some people want to celebrate their achievements and rally support on Facebook or Twitter, others want to keep their readings private.
7.Access anywhere.
Kept in the cloud and accessible anywhere, your account and weight data is at your fingertips on any of your devices. Simply sign in securely from a smartphone, tablet or computer to see all you need to know.