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How to choose digital luggage scales

The main difference about digital luggage scales in market.
Horizontally/vertically positioned.
With strap or hook or both.
Plastic, rubber, stainless steel surface
LCD or LED or LCD with backlight
With LED flashlight, temperature, beep, hold & lock function , timer, ruler.
Widely usage in daily life especially in travel field.
Digital Luggage Scale for travelers and luggage handlers. This it a must-have tool for every traveler going out on vacation, for every hotel concierge, airport baggage handlers and SkyCaps,in addition to its natural value of weighing luggage to avoid overweight fees. 
Some scales are also water resistant, making it a favorite for the outdoors and sports, to be used for fishing and gaming, weighing camping gear and sporting equipment.
Use it at home to weigh your children’s backpack, or the holiday gifts you are planning to ship, or that occasional parcel that needs to be sent.Even use it at the office for those small and medium size packages that need to be weighed before shipping. 
The Timer – Alarm allows the user to simply set up a countdown time for the alarm to sound either to wake up for an early flight or from a quick nap with no need to figure out how to use the Hotel Alarm Clock.
The LED Flashlight is a great convenient tool in case you run into a blackout in your hotel or while traveling, or simply want to walk around your hotel room without disturbing your companion by turning the lights on.
Why do choose it?
  • Pack Smart.
  • Easy to use.
  • Weight in Lb. or Kg.
  • Up to 88-110Lbs or 40-50 Kg.
  • Compact size for easy carry and transport.
  • The automatic hold feature allows you to lift the luggage, set it down on the floor and then read the weight.
  • Strong strap/hook to secure the objects to the scale
  • Big Digital Display for easy reading.
  • Ergonomics design and comfortable hand feeling.