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How digital measuring cup kitchen scales work

Any cook worth his/her sea salt knows that weighing ingredients results in better, more consistent food.  It’s a pain, though, to have to drag out your digital kitchen scale, tare the cup, measure the ingredients, then start again for the next ingredient. 
With the Digital Measuring Cup scale OCZ-K2002 from OCEAN-SCALES, you won’t need a separate scale.
The measuring cup that measures not only milk, water, and oil but dry ingredients like flour, too, by weight then displays the measurement in the unit of your choice on the handle. This is one great kitchen gadget.
With the digital measuring cup, you won't have to squint or twist yourself into a yoga position to read the lines. You'll love the angled handle and the fabulous backlight LCD digits that are readable from a normal, standing position. With backlight, even in dark room, the display is very clear.
Measures both liquid and dry ingredients in milliliters (mL), cups, fluid ounces, grams, and pounds. It's so smart it can do unit conversions for you. 
Note that the plastic measuring cup slides out of the casing for easy washing.
Preprogrammed to convert weight to volume for water, milk, oil, and flour.
The weight capacity is 4.4 lbs, 6.6 lbs,11 lbs (2kg, 3kg, 5kg). The volume capacity is 1-1.5 liter.
The unit weighs in increments of mililiters, cups, fluid ounces, grams, and pounds.
The easy to read LCD readout is in the molded handle.