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Mini portable coffee maker espresso coffee machine

Mini portable coffee maker espresso coffee machine
Model: OCZ-ESP
Min order: 1000 PCS
Product Description:
Mini Portable electronic Compact Espresso Coffee Maker Machine for Coffee Capsules and Powder
Patent Cooperation Treaty( PCT) and China Invention Patent.
Digital Espresso Maker (Automatic) by Pressopump.
Powered by lithium battery, after 3 hours charging, it can discharge for 100 cups of espress coffee.
Pump pressure: 15 Bar
Capsules & powder: The perfect 2 in1 extraction system, compatible with nespresso capsules and ground coffee.
Rich and velvety crema, lower acidity or bitterness.
Stable pressure comparing with hand power.
Less effort(just press the button) comparing with manual strong pressure.
Quiet when making espresso.
Any parts you want to clean is easy to take apart.The open design makes the regular cleaning simple and quick.
Rich and Creamy Coffee Espresso shot, topped with THICK CREMA. All in under 2 mins preparation.
Technique parameter:
Lithium battery: 2200 mAh                             
Lithium battery discharing: 100 cups
Lithium battery recycle: 500 times 
Charging time: 3 hours                                         
Pump pressure:15 Bar                                   
Extration time:25-30 seconds             
Coffee powder capacity: 8g             
Nestle capsule and ground coffee 2 in 1       
Tank capacity(max.): 90ml                                     
Extraction quantity: 50-70ml with rich crema                                                             
Color: Black                                                             
Net weight:550g                               
Product size:    220x90x90mm                                                       
Color box size: 282x95x95mm                                 
Carton zise: 40x30.5x31.5cm  12pcs/ctn   
20' GP: 9000 pcs.  40' GP: 18000 pcs

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