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Company History

Ms. Sandy Ma and Mr.Wu Gang are the main investors who founded Ocean company in year 2003. 
The reform of state ownership took place in China in 2003. Many state-operated companies changed the company ownership, from state-runned to be privately owned. Ms. Sandy and Mr.Wu Gang, partners in one large stated owned foreign trade company, set up this new private trading company OCEAN during this revolution.
The previous stated owned company, named " Changzhou Economic & Technology Foreign Trade Group Company", one of the four biggest trading companies in Changzhou city, not only do importing and exporting trade business, but also do labor service output to foreign countries. 
Based on over 25 experience in foreign trade business, especially in electronic products, OCEAN becomes the largest trading company in electronic field in Changzhou city. It achieves $12 million total value of export in year 2017, and $13 million in year 2016. The trade value data can be checked with the Chinese Export Customs officially.
The main business activities are exporting various electronic products, such as the car speaker, car kit cable, horn, tweeter, woofer, HDMI cable, Audio & Video cable, connector, harness etc. Also do some importing business.
OCEAN established a new department of dealing with balance weighing scale products since year 2008. It sells baby scales, height rods, bathroom scales, kitchen scales and luggage scales etc.

Mini portable espresso coffee maker is a new patent product develped in 2017. It's registered in PCT.